2015 Events & Weddings https://www.biggirlscatering.com/apps/photos/ 2015 Events & Weddings Vintage China Gorgeous tablescapes with our vintage mis-matched china settings. With a fresh baked mini apple pie at each place setting https://www.biggirlscatering.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=197592680 197592680 The Rustic Bar Best signature drink ever! We call it the Shipfaced Slammer! https://www.biggirlscatering.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=197592681 197592681 The Garden Table Veggies with buttermilk ranch, fruit with french vanilla dip, Southern Living's marinated cheeses https://www.biggirlscatering.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=197592683 197592683 Judge's reception We were honored to catering the reception for Paulding Counties newest superior court judge. https://www.biggirlscatering.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=198625643 198625643 Caitlin's vintage wedding Our bride LOVED the vintage china - her cake matched perfectly! The salad bar was a huge hit! https://www.biggirlscatering.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=198625644 198625644 Mason Jars We loved this sign the bride provided for us! https://www.biggirlscatering.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=198625645 198625645 Salad More of the salad bar https://www.biggirlscatering.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=198625646 198625646 Perfect spring wedding reception An outdoor wedding at Red Top Mountain followed by lemonade, tea sandwiches and garden table https://www.biggirlscatering.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=198625647 198625647 2 of our most popular passed appetizers Chicken & Waffles and Cucumber & Dill Canape's https://www.biggirlscatering.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=198625648 198625648 Small dessert buffet Variety of mini desserts https://www.biggirlscatering.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=200623765 200623765 Atlanta Police Department Honored to share in Women's Day at APD https://www.biggirlscatering.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=200623766 200623766 Bar set-up 2 of bartenders https://www.biggirlscatering.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=200623767 200623767 Ami & Cindy Our 2015 photo in one of our bride & groom's social media booth https://www.biggirlscatering.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=200623768 200623768 Proctor Farms coffee bar Dylan serving up fresh brewed coffee in our vintage coffee & tea cups https://www.biggirlscatering.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=200623769 200623769 Christmas dessert display Mini cheesecakes, death by chocolate cupcakes & banana pudding shooters https://www.biggirlscatering.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=200623770 200623770 Proctor Farms brunch buffet Christian & John's early morning wedding followed by a brunch buffet https://www.biggirlscatering.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=200623773 200623773 Proctor Farms brunch buffet More of the brunch buffet https://www.biggirlscatering.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=200623774 200623774 Proctor Farm wedding cake Perfect décor for a December wedding cake https://www.biggirlscatering.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=200623775 200623775 Happily Ever After https://www.biggirlscatering.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=200623776 200623776 Mark & Marc's wedding Ashley & Cindy at your service https://www.biggirlscatering.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=200623778 200623778 Mark & Marc's wedding Intimate home wedding https://www.biggirlscatering.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=200623779 200623779 Peach Cobbler This bride LOVED cobbler and decided to have this instead of a wedding cake https://www.biggirlscatering.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=200623781 200623781 Sylvia & Matt Pi Day wedding! https://www.biggirlscatering.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=200623782 200623782 The Big Salad Station On our Grazing Station menu - the Big Salad bar is extremely popular https://www.biggirlscatering.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=200623784 200623784 Brickyard wedding Table set up https://www.biggirlscatering.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=200623787 200623787 https://www.biggirlscatering.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=204935257 204935257